A safer, more certainly and information transmission is made possible by visibility and convenience.

To transmit information certainly and safely to a running vehicle, a good point of visibility and the convenience is regarded as important in the specifications of the system above.

The LED indication board system of Wave+X has better visibility compared to our competitor’s conventional indication board by transmitting the information that is safely and certainly for a vehicle via the tollgate. The indication board consists of one indication board with six panels with two colors of LED (red, green) panels of the 240mm corner 16*16 dots constitution or a full color LED panel.

We prepare two kinds of panels, vertical of one character × six steps and horizontal of three characters × two steps, customers can use different types in the setting place. The LED detects neighboring illumination by illumination sensor – as well as adopting high brightness, wide visual confirmation angle, or a dominant wavelength. That can decrease the number of lights automatically. In addition, the console uses a liquid crystal touch panel. As for the operation, by touching the menu button, it can reshuffle the operation of indication contents, monitor for trouble,and perform intuitively without an operating error.


Three-color LED signboard
(Metropolitan expressway Co., Ltd. Kawaguchi-Main-line tollgate)
Metropolitan expressway Co., Ltd.
Aichi road public corporation. Handa tollgate