Microwave Absorber

Materials construction consistency supports high quality and beauty by the new technology.

Our microwave absorber is our flagship product in which the spirit of our “Thorough customer satisfaction” is reflected most. We desire our product to be named “Wave+X” .
Our customers have said our products are pleasing to the eye and are of high, uncompromised quality. To make the most of the Wave+X advantage, we are focusing on the processes of microwave construction. Wave+X uses a system of “materials construction consistency” that takes the responsibility from manufacturing to construction. And we set up the product, which is repeatedly manufactured with continuing research and development, with most appropriate construction. Our stance is that we want to guarantee by considering thoroughly all the processes concerned it from the selection of the materials to the customers concerns and need.


Our metal pattern type microwave absorber is a thin, lightweight,and high durabl structure which achives superior microwave absorption performance and is also very resistant. This product can be installed in a variety of position, so it’s extremly efficient to use.

The microwave absorption panel of Wave+X uses metal pattern type microwave absorption technology (we applied for 14patents,but got 4patents) that was pioneered by Kansai Paint Ltd.in 1980 with help from Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications Communications Research Lab,.

The metal pattern type microwave absorber uses a quite new microwave absorption theory utilizing the photolithography film metal pattern, as well as many microwave absorption principles of the product that depend on the eccect of the loss of dielectric materials and magnetism materials conventionally. The metallic pattern type microwave absorber Wave+X shows superior performance in thickness and durability that were the weak points of the conventional microwave absorber, which had trouble with microwave absorption from a highangle sheet. In addition, without hurting, we can make the “FANTAC” compatible with any surrounding environment around Giga HZ Zone. Wave+X absorbs the electric wave by two following absorption principles.


Absorption principle A

Besides the conventional theory that transforms electric waves into Joule heat using a dielectric loss and magnetism loss, the electric wave which is reflected by a bottom layer aluminum panel, and is going to just come back outside, is attenuated as being reflected again by the metal pattern back side and an aluminum panels.

Absorption principle B

The electric wave disappears by using the interface between an electric wave of reflection from a surface metal pattern, and by passing the chink of metal pattern that is reflected from the bottom layer aluminum panel. Although the current microwave absorber seat has the advantage of thinness, it also has a problem with insufficient grazing incidence absorption performance. Conversely, the microwave absorption panel has a problem of the thickness for solution. By using two absorption principles as mentioned above in A and B, in addition to a former theory, Wave+X demonstrates absorption which is more than a vertical incidence for various angles including a high angle of incidence more than 40 degrees, although it is a thin type of absorption.


The metallic pattern type microwave absorber Wave+X secures visual beauty by an extremely thin finish. In addition, our “materials construction consistency” uses a direct pasting method of construction which brings out its merit. We prepare a variation of 99 colors as focusing the beauty of exterior view when it is constructed. You can choose the best color to match the usage and the purpose.

At the construction site of the microwave absorber, we completely wipe off the surface of the microwave absorber with ethanol work done by at the end of work. The oil of the worker’s hand adheres to the surface of the microwave absorber so that construction may put the product by the hand. There is a possibility of oil coming to the surface in the shape of the hand adhering to the vehicle exhaust or dust after some years, if left as it is. So we wipe off the absorber with this in mind. The microwave absorber of Wave+X always constructs even a detailed part that doesn’t relate directly to the quality like this, considering 5 or 10 year later.

Microwave absorber product specifications

The microwave absorber uses the technology as the pioneer that has been developed for many years since 1980. We follw the specification according to the road, the progress of installation manufacture and the principles and structure of an excellent microwave absorber in the quality and the make up not to permit the other products or companies.

Pattern type of microwave absorber” Wave+X”

Feelings only for Wave+XThe quality that can’t be copied is the strength of the desire put into the product.
We exhibit the structure and the performance data,etc. including new technology by two absorption principles to unite a high quality and beauty as the building materials.

materials construction consistency that supports of our feelings.Receiving an order consistantry from production to the installation is our main point of customer satisfaction.
We explain the process in detail with photos of production and installation that we refuse to compromise.

A figure of execution summary

Advice of design and construction

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