Safety and comfort are supported in the residence type booth to meet various needs.

The tollgate booth has a point of contact with the visitor using the highway in various facilities in particular of the highway.
The booth which is a window for the customers, and is an important working space for staff engaging in receipt duties, has an important role to fulfill its duty safely and efficiently.
The environment in a booth has a big change like deterioration of conventional facilities and increasing the quality of traffic.
In addition to the changes of the working conditions by the spread of ETC in recent years. On the basis of these points, we design and deliver the booth of the residence type in order to meet various needs.

The plan image of tollgate booth


Metropolitan expressway Co., Ltd.
Minatomirai tollgate
Metropolitan expressway Co., Ltd.
Sugita-Daiichi tollgate (machine booth)
East Nippon Expressway Company Limited
Shisui tollgate
East Nippon Expressway Company Limited
Soma tollgate (improvement)
West Nippon Expressway Company Limited
Moriguchi junction(Fire-Resistant booth)
Miyagi Prefectural Road Corporation
Matsushima Osato tollgate
Shizuoka road public corporation
Ema tollgate of Izu Chuo Expressway
Look at the strawberry booth associated with
the strawberry huntingthat is a tourist attraction of
Izunokuni by all means.