We make products for the highways facilities, including the production of the microwave absorber.

All staff members take pride in our work and aim for excellent customer service.

Although our staff may think differently,our main objective is to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

We think it is our mission to meet the customer’s needs, which we attain through communication with our customers.

Also we have a driver’s point of view for research and development for the future. As a result, we try to think of ideas that exceed customers expectation. We always keep thinking. If the customer asks for 100%, we give over 120%.

We don’t keep the customer waiting for telephone calls or e-mail massages.

We never say “I don’t know” or “We can’t do it”. Even if it is outside our field, we prepare the some answer for all requests carefully and speedily with responsibility. We always keep striving for a better quality of product, technique, and service.

When the customer has a problem, we want be the customer to think of Wave+X first.

As we consider the position of the customer, and put a plan into action, we engage with the customers.

The customer’ s hapiness motivate us. We hope many customers have a experience our product or service.

We stay flexibe without changing in the ITS business which is transforming quickly.

It is our way and belief that is with the customers.